Friday, September 01, 2006

Workshop preparation:

The draft I'm to use for Bonnie's workshop has arrived and it looks like this:

We are to put on a 3-4 yd. warp and this is not a round robin workshop. We will be staying with our own looms for the two days. So I have been thinking carefully about what to use for warp, since I will have to work with it...all of it.

I definitely want to stay in the range of 10/2 cotton or rayon, in order for the samples to have the hand of fabric that I would normally weave and use. 8/2's produces fabric just a tad on the heavy side, unless it's for kitchen towels.

Nave blue was my first thought. It's pretty versatile in working with colors and a dark background shows off pattern so well. But dark yarns are difficult to see, not a good feature when you're at a workshop to learn. It's kind of important to be able to see what the threads are doing. So the navy blue 10/2 pearl cotton went back in the bin to wait for a future project when I know what I'm doing with this technique.

Next I looked at all of my stash yarns which are candidates for the pattern thread since it's an overshot workshop. Most of them would look best with a dark background, but they would work with a medium value of taupe or grey.

Back to rummaging through cones of potential warp yarns. I've finally decided on a medium gray 10/2's rayon, color name is "Dusk".

Click on the link to look at Bonnie's work. Scroll about halfway down the page to see the overshot samples for the coming workshop.

I'll be spending Labor Day weekend warping the loom, sewing, and working outside (washing windows, cleaning out flower beds, and thinking about what bulbs to put in the ground in a few weeks).

Have a lovely, lazy, (alliterative) Labor Day!


  1. I followed the link to Bonnie's website and was really wowed by her overshot. I was thinking "traditional" but she really has some beautiful stuff. I envy your getting to attend her workshop! It will be fun.

  2. I think that your color choice will work out well, both in the workshop and as a base for the patterns in the samples. Have fun! The workshop looks fascinating.

  3. Oh my oh my! Contrast is definitely a good thing when learning something so complex! How many harnesses?


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