Thursday, August 17, 2006

These days are a sort of 'break your heart' days in Michigan.

Being a temperate zone where winters can be long endurance tests of gray skies, frozen ground, and a range of knee deep snow to ankle deep dirty slush. Summers are short and arrive rapidly on the heels of a brief spring. Summer can produce sweltering, humid, windless days such as we've seen this year.

When moderate days with clear skies present themselves they must be at least noted, and at best, savored.

I am savoring. Last Friday was spent wrestling with the power washer to clean the upstairs balcony, the patio below, and the siding on the house. We are in a dry spell as the sun has moved a notch lower in the sky and the shadows have grown longer. Gardens are thirsty, crickets are singing, and the dragonflies parade themselves through my patio garden. On their vists, they fly by my patio chair and tip their wings, like sporting WWII Flyboys.

The wrens in the sheepy birdhouse are quiet this morning. The past two weeks have been a feeding frenzy as the parents return with grubs and insects. These reconnaisance missions where they return, grub in beak, to light on the east fence. After looking right, left, up and down, they hop to the north fence. Convinced that I am not a threat, they hop to the birdhouse perch where the babies squawk and compete for the food morsel.

Monday morning, I took my oatmeal and green tea to the patio to savor the early morning mood. While watching the wren food-shuttle, the humming bird came to visit the hollyhocks beside of the east fence. Lo and behold, mother wren and humming bird came close to colliding. Mother wren dropped her grub while humming bird dropped altitude and selected a lower bloom. An avian morning rush hour.

Not so much fiber happening as I enjoy these languid days. Today there is some wool scouring in quart jars in the canner. The locks were flicked and bundled some time ago, but the humidity was too high for washing wool.

I've knitted a little on Print of the Wave Stole with some dark blue lace weight Alpaca With A Twist.

I've listened to Judith MacKenzie McCuin on Weavecast (you should too...see button on sidebar).

And I've been reading. Actually the better phrase would be "book bingeing". Take a look at: Reader2 or click the link in the sidebar.

It's been fun reading Leigh's, Sarah's, and Charleen'sBlogs. The links are provided in case you actually want to see some fiber activity in progress.

I'll get back to it. The workshop with Bonnie is coming up. The days are getting shorter. The temperture will cool....and my 'grasshopper days' will be behind me as I return to 'ant level' activity.


  1. Not much fiber going on with me either this week. One appointment after another.

    Thanks for the Reader2 link. I love seeing what other people are reading.

  2. What a lovely description of an upper Midwest late summer! Thanks for that. I grew up in Chicago and we often vacationed up there when I was a child so it was a nice memory refresher.

    It's always good to take a break now and then to recharge for those busy times and just look around to see the world and get ideas for more work. Enjoy!

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  4. Reader2 is a very interesting site. Can't say I have much time to read however. I'd have to swap out my fiber time :)

    Thanks so much for the link. I feel honored!


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