Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Mixed Message...
Earlier this week I received this wonderful, handcrafted shawl pin from Cathy

It is shown here on the in progress Print O' The Wave Stole

A few weeks ago, I mailed Cathy a book by Ivan Doig because he writes in a style I thought she might like. She mailed this as a thank you. It's lovely. No thank you gift was needed, but this one is much appreciated. Thank you, Cathy.

Last Friday was thick and humid, causing me to think I needed a haircut. My usual stylist wasn't in, so I was assigned to a young woman who lived in Vietnam until she was 13, then moved to Missipi (USA) for 10 years, and recently moved to Michigan. I can usually understand most people who have an accent, but I was totally lost with her English with a Vietnamese, deep south accent. I'm not sure which question she asked me that the answer produced this spikey haircut. But this is the best I can do with it.'s straight up and out all over my head.

My hair grows I just pretend that there's nothing strange about a head full of cowlicks on a middle aged woman for awhile...


  1. Oh dear! That's the main reason why I haven't been to a stylist in 5 years. She'd have a bad day, then I'd have a bad month while it grew back. Hang in there.

  2. What a fantastic thank you gift! Nothing better than something made by hand.

  3. I didn't know where to post a comment, but have just looked through your hummingbird pictures and notes. Absolutely awesome!!! I can't believe they are SO tiny when hatched. Beautiful pix.. I'm considering getting the camera you mentioned. Happy to see some photos taken with it.


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