Monday, July 24, 2006

I've been tagged by Catherine

5 things always in my purse:
Always? I've taken to not always carrying a purse in my dotage. So the things that stay in it, even when I leave it behind:
1. Asthma rescue inhaler (I keep an extra one in my pocket when the purse isn't with me).
2. A little Vera Bradley zippered bag w/ lip balm, breath strips, and toothplackers.
3. A small hair brush.
4. A few old pictures of dh and ds.
5. Caribiner hold keys (so I don't accidentally throw them into collection bins...see Dec. 16, 2005)

5 things always in my wallet:
1. Driver's license
2. Health insurance cards.
3. AAA membership card (road service, etc.)
4. Credit/debit card
5. punch cards for free sandwiches at various local lunch spots.

5 things always in my refrigerator:
(someone hasn't had a college age son living with them...nothing stays in the fridge very long these days!)
1. Skim milk
2. Orange juice w/ calcium
3. Fresh vegetables
4. Fresh fruit
5. Yeast for making bread

5 things alwasy in my closet:
1. Lint brush (cat fur).
2. Tripod for camera
3. Black slacks.
4. Black shoes.
5. Walking shoes.

5 things always in my car:
(I'm assuming you mean other than me.)
1. Insurance info.
2. Emergency kit.
3. Maps...some of them should be archived, but there are maps in there of the places we travel through most often.
4. A box of kleenex
5. A log book to keep track of mileage and gasoline purchases.

5 things always on my desk:
This is the desk in my sewing room. I have another small desk for 'quiet time' work, and the computer set-up is shared in the family room.
1. Dust
2. Account statements that need to be filed. (I hate filing.)
3. Weaving guild membership directory.
4. Two small hand thrown pots: one made by me, the other came from my dh's 150 y.o. farm home.
5. A few small sea shells and a dead piece of coral.

5 People to tag:
1. Cathy
2. Leigh
3. Jackie
4. Kathy
5. Sara

However, I don't think the last two read my blog...but you can go and check out theirs!

Just for kicks: this critter was on the top of a window frame this AM. I couldn't include anything in the shot for size reference, but its head was the size of the tip of my index finger. In my book, that's huge!


  1. Oh dear, I've never been tagged before. Must rush off and see what to do about it.

    Impressive dragon fly!

  2. I watched 6 or 7 dragonflies flit around in my garden this evening and wished I could get a photo of them. And look - someone did! I'll respond to the meme probably Friday. I actually will be out and about the next few days.

  3. Dotage? Dotage? Hey, celebrate the purseless!

  4. I DO read and enjoy your blog!

  5. Jurassic Dragonfly! I found an impressive pine borer in the back yard a few years ago. It was so big that it scared the kids. From head to the end of it's long ovipositor was about 7.5 to 8 inches!


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