Sunday, June 04, 2006

I promised

that postings would be sparse this summer, and I aim to keep that promise!

As I mentioned earlier, Convergence is coming up at the end of the month. My summer wardrobe is down to torn, stained, and frayed items. I have shopped & returned items, mail ordered & returned items, then shopped again...and returned items.

Summer wardrobes have always been difficult for me. I'm a simple, tailored fashions kind of person. Summer clothes are simple and not tailored. Add to that the current look of too short, too tight, and generally all over too revealing and I'm left with no clothes in the closet and nothing out there to purchase.

Enter Threads magazine, trusty sewing machine, and pattern stash! I am sewing clothes to wear to Convergence, summer vacation at the shore, MIL's 80th birthday party, and nephew's wedding.

I have linen and linen/rayon blend in Biking red, black, periwinkle, and natural unbleached linen shade (somewhere between tan & khaki). I have a wonderful black and cream polyester print. I have a great cotton/poly blend, open weave print fabric that coordinates w/ the periwinkle. AND...I have patterns which I've sewn before and I know will fit!!....for shirt type jackets and casual jackets w/ 3/4 sleeves, for a shell top, two styles of skirts, and capri pants. I have shoes and bags....but am going to need to update the costume jewelry/accessories once I get the garments together.

Here's the pattern for the print, semi-sheer, polyester skirt:

Here's one of the patterns for the linen fabrics:

And here's the pattern for the black linen jacket:

That should keep me busy this week, along with prepping the laundry room for painting, and washing a few windows. Let's hope the temperatures stay nice and cool , as they are right now.

Stay tuned for the next episode when I publish my Convergence shopping list!


  1. I like those patterns, especially the one for the black linen jacket. Who makes the pattern you're using for the linen fabric?

    You're summer plans sound pretty much the same as mine. Paint, sew, garden.

  2. It seems that everyone is designing clothes for skinny blond people. I, too, find it hard to find clothes that I like, in fabrics that I like, in colours that I like. You are lucky to have the skill to make you own. You will look fabulous this summer!

  3. I think we may share a pattern stash. unfortunately the fit is a little off for me, as I have stress fluffed this past winter.
    Your clothes will be great. I cut out two dresses a few weeks back and have sewn a dozen bags , avoiding the dresses like the plague. eating salads might help
    or drinking water instead of beer...
    have fun at convergence. If i win the big lotto Jackie and I will definately see you there, on our way to somewhere tropical and tax free!


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