Sunday, June 11, 2006

Guest Blogger

Just thought I'd step in and help Valerie out a bit. I met her a few weeks ago while she was out planting impatiens by the basement walkout. We struck up a conversation and she seemed like a pretty nice gal, so I decided to help out by lapping up a few mosquitoes while she dug around in the dirt.

I have to admit, I sort of fell for her right then and there. But alas, she's married. In fact, it's 29 years today.

A fellow would have to be pretty fast on his feet to keep up with her these days. Most mornings she's been out with the hose and watering can, keeping up with the flowers she planted.

Shortly after that she takes off for an hour or two. Am not sure what's up with that. She always has on her walking shoes and sometimes she carries this little bag that holds some sort of mat rolled up into a tight cylinder along with a belt, foam block, and towel. Must be something good because she usually comes back pretty chilled out.

Once she's home and has the house cleaned up she starts in with sewing. Now this is a trip! She thinks no one's around since her hubby and son left for work hours ago. So she sews half a seam, try it it off and head back to the sewing machine sans garment. Once in awhile she seems to think that different underwear would improve the fit. It seems to work because she's finished at least one complete outfit that I've seen. However, there's a trail of clothing, bra's, slips, etc. to be cleaned up at the end of the sewing session.

Meanwhile I hear her muttering about something called Convergence. She's making lists and checking pieces of paper and getting a little frenzied about the whole thing.

Then every now and then she pulls out this set of paint chips she's put together and walks around the first floor of the house muttering something about, "haven't even started yet and it's the middle of June!"

Do you think she'd believe me if I told her I could have that first floor painted and carpeted for her in a minute if she'd give me a kiss?

Yeah, me neither.


  1. I know it's 20 years and all, but really, all that work for one little kiss? Of course, he could turn into a handsome, lazy, prince and you'd still have to do it yourself.

    Happy Anniversary and have fun at Convergence!

  2. Guest blogger, you're a hoot. Tell Valerie we're looking forward to seeing her sewing creations.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Guest Blogger, come visit me! I have lots and lots of tasty mosquitos around my garden!

  4. Happy Anniversary!!!! Sounds like you have a Peeping Frog/Toad there watching all the sewing and fitting sessions.


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