Friday, June 23, 2006

Elements of a Perfect Day
Remember Ernest, who guest blogged for a me a few days ago? I don't think he told you his name, so I will now: Ernest A. Toad. The A. stands for American since he's an American Toad.

Earlier today we were talking and Ernest asked me what my perfect day would look like. Hmmm...I can't tell you exactly what a perfect day would look like. But I can give you a list of the elements that would make up a perfect day for me:

- Waking near sunrise to birdsong and stretching out on fresh bed linens with just lightest scent of lavendar.

- A half hour of quiet devotion time reading devotions or scripture and prayer.

- Fresh blueberries and old fashioned oatmeal for breakfast.

- A walk in the park with temps. in the 70's, a light breeze and just a few clouds in the sky to provide relief from the sun as they blow past in the breeze.

- A half hour of sketching and working in my creative journal, or blogging.

- Checking my Bloglines and finding that Sarah Lamb, Charlene, Cathy, Catherine, and Judy have all posted photo's of their latest fiber projects. And Franklin Habit has posted a Delores cartoon.

- Discovering that someone else has already vacuumed, dusted, cleaned up the bathrooms, and emptied the dishwaher and kitchen sink.

- A call from a friend to tell me the good things happening in her life.

- Lunch with girlfriends. Perhaps a salad with a grilled salmon filet on top.

- Two hours of sewing, time at the loom, spinning, or doing fiber preparation with no interruptions.

- A few minutes in the garden to deadhead the petunias and notice that no new weeds have sprumg up over night.

- Discovering a new title by an old, familiar,and favorite author. Or, finding and old title by a new (to me) favorite author.

- A yoga class with Karen or Adrianna, my two favorite yoga instructors.

- Having all the ingredients for a supper menu that appeals to me.

- The people for whom I cook to enjoy the menu as much as (or more than) I do.

- Being able to leave the kitchen, knowing that it won't need touch up cleaning after the others have finished with the dishes.

- A curl up with an "evil" Sudoku puzzle that I have intuitive insight to solve quickly.

- An hour or two of quiet reading.

- A good poem (Wendell Berry, Mary Oliver, Billy Collins, Robert Frost, a psalm) before bedtime with time for preprandial contemplation.

- And a snuggle down into those clean cool lavendar scented sheets to drift off to sleep without listening to someone else snoring.

- Oh yes, and finally....someone, who is interested enough to ask what would make my day perfect. Thanks for asking, Ernest.


  1. I need to have a little chat with Ernest's cousins who live in my garden. I like your answers to his question.

  2. That IS a perfect day!
    I hope it happens for you.

  3. If I could have your perfect day and my imagined self, then life would be heaven on earth. (sigh)


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