Monday, June 26, 2006

Credibility gap...

I realize my credibility from the previous post might be in question since there are no pictures of the finished pants. They're black. I have no confidence in my ability to take a picture modeling a pair of black pants that would give very much visual detail of how they actually fit. I just got in from a meeting and am wearing the pants as I type (and they are very comfy0...does that improve me credibility?

In response to comments on the previous post:

Charleen...yes, that is the crotch depth fitting solution.

Charleen and Cathy: I did not sew the old pants back together. They really do have some threadbare spots and I shouldn't be tempted to wear them. And they make a great pattern in their dissembled state: I use one side front for pants with a zipper on the side and no pocket and the other one for pants with a fly front and side pockets! Anyway, I bought another pair at the same time I bought the corded ones which are in better condition. (If I find something that fits that I really like, I always buy more than one!)

Judy: Yes I should be packing for Convergence...but w/o sewing I'd have nothing to pack. I don't think Convergence security would want me showing up sans pants! (Though the Dutch soccer fans were an inspiration last week!)

A Convergence Aside: I sat down to start making schedules and lists yesterday and discovered that I had a hotel room for the days I was not going to be there...and no motel room for the days I am going to be there!! Made a couple of frantic cancellations w/o penalty fees, then found a room for the nights I need. Talk about panic attack.

Have checked my class schedules. I don't need a loom or a wheel, but I need a lot of art supplies. Most of the stuff is around here somewhere, just have to gather it up.

On my shopping list: Fiberworks PCW. Also want to check out Mirrix tapestry looms and Treenway silks for a few things.

Time is running short....I must sign off....


  1. I will be very interested in what you think of Fiberworks PCW and why you chose that over the other weaving software available. I hope you will give a detailed review once you've had time to check it out!

    Have fun at Convergence: be safe and learn much.

  2. Hi Valerie - I have had many dealings with Treenway Silks (they are from Vancouver). They have excellent product and are terrific to deal with. May I also suggest Jane Stafford (from Salt Spring Island)? She has some spectacular weaving fibres and samples that will spark your imagination. Lastly, I have a Mirrix loom and think it is definately worth every penny ... I may have missed it previously - but what classes are you taking?


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