Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Class List...

My classes for Convergence:

The Virtual Vest w/ Leslie Killeen
Timeless Tablet Weaving w/ Inge Dam
A Degree in Twills w/ Cate Buchanan
Grand Lace (Woven) Inspirations w/ Elaine Bradley

Materials List:

colored pencils
paper scissors
glue stick
graph paper

I will also take my camera.

Leigh asked about weaving software: I own WeaveIt Pro, having started with the original release of WeaveIt way back when. Upgrades were purchased at discount as they became available. It's an okay basic weaving program. I have no aspirations of having a computer controlled loom, I like the dance of treadling and throwing the shuttle.

Last year I took the Big Twill Class from Bonnie Innouye who uses Fiberworks PCW extensively as she teaches. This experience gave me a taste for that program. I was impressed with the ease of use, flexibility, and speed of the program. Also the "view fabric" and drawdown screens were easier for me to 'read' the fabric than any of my versions of WeaveIt. I've coveted Fiberworks ever since, but decided to wait 'til Convergence.

Breaking news: Bonnie is coming to our guild in the fall to teach an overshot class. I am looking forward to this (which is also why I need to hold a little cash in reserve from Convergence). Bonnie can be a bit of a task master when teaching a workshop, but I learned more about manipulating tie-ups from her Big Twill workshop than I learned in my previous 24 years of weaving.

Okay...gotta go now. Yoga w/ Karen tonight. Then get my act together for the big C.

While I'm gone, go check in with Danny Gregory. I found Danny through The Curious Weaver.

Danny and his book The Creative License inspired me to get out my sketchbooks and remember the drawing class taken at the Ann Arbor Art Association 10 (gasp!) years ago. Danny will convince you that drawing is an end unto itself and a great way of journaling. Perhaps I'll talk more about drawing and journaling when I get back. Meanwhile...click on over there, pick up a pen, and start looking around. It's one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

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  1. Have a good time! Learn lots and report back. Hopefully I'll get to a Convergence soon.


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