Tuesday, February 14, 2006

This is the finished table runner. Dimensions: 18.25" x 46". The edges are a little wavy. I believe this is a result of the borders being completely twill treadlings against the staggered columns of overshot in the center. I suspect that this could be overcome with a mangle, or blocking it out the old fashioned way on tenterhooks.

Knitting continues (slowly) on the lace cardigan.

The Wedding Shawl is at the rumination stage. I swatched with the gossamer merino and decided that I would use larger than US 0 needles with that yarn. The past few evenings I've been poring over Margaret Stove's books and my notes from her spinning and lace knitting classes.

Last night I started to play around with spinning gossamer weight yarn on the Schacht. I used Cormo which had been combed on mini-combs to produce the 2 ply yarn below. The dress maker's pin is for size reference.

There are things I like about the yarn. It has good body to it. There's not enough to knit a good swatch. I'll keep playing with this. It's the kind of play I like.


  1. I like the runner, Valerie. The design really moves! Maybe you could get the drycleaners to do a hard press for you. I think my husband would start worrying if he saw tenterhooks coming in the house!

    Wow - that's fine spinning, all right! Are both of the strands the cormo, or is one the merino?

  2. Very nice runner! How many harnesses? I am VERY impressed with your spinning. I have never taken formal spinning classes, just learned what I know by peering over others shoulders. ANd I spin on a drop spindle. A spinning wheel is on my longterm wish list. SOOOOOO many ther things come first. More space and time being at the fore front.

  3. Love the runner, and the laceweight cormo is gorgeous. Enjoy your playtime.

  4. Beautiful runner! Someday ... I'm still at the plain weave/twill stage.

    My ex-MIL has a mangle and a drying closet, just for linens. (Apparently everyone in Sweden does - they are as common in apartment-house laundry rooms as washing machines.) You just can't get the same finish with a steam iron, no matter how hard you try.

    And the yarn is beautiful, too. What a productive February you're having!

  5. The runner is beautiful, Valerie! A very nice design. Yes, you are very productive! Inspiring.


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