Thursday, January 05, 2006


King's Puzzle Table Mat

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The warp is on the loom and I am weaving (at last!) Carolyn suggested repair heddles in comments to the last post. Indeed a repair heddle or two was required. However, I would also have needed "repair warp threads" for this complex threading.

My past is checkered with repair threads hanging off the back of the loom, weighted by penny filled 35mm film canisters. I didn't want to start '06 that way. Besides, the cat has no self restraint around such items.

This project is in Weaver's mag., Issue 36, Summer '97, designed by Norma Smayda. It's an 8 harness weave, threaded with two different 4 harness twills: Motif 2 is the one you see treadled here and is threaded on harnesses 1-4.

Motif 1 is a mirror image threaded on harnesses 5-8. It will come up in the area where there you see horizontally dominant twill lines.

Of course the side borders and breaks between the pattern areas are twill threadings.

It's a two shuttle weave through out. A skeleton tie-up is required and each pattern shot requires two treadles.

I find the combination of twill and overshot blocks arranged geometrically (rather than in linear fashion) intriguing. It's also challengingto me: you'll note that there's a treadling error in the twill portion of the fabric.

Traditional overshot fabric has all over patterning which tires my eyes and just isn't all that interesting. To me this is the antidote to all that pattern. OTOH, my dh says this looks like a vision test. We are all entitled to our opinions....

I wanted to follow Norma's directions closely to wrap my head around the structure and construction of this fabric. A similar pattern in silk, or silk/merino combination with a different colorway would make exquisite fabric for a jacket or a vest, don't you think?

I leave you with a close up. Oh...the warp and tabby weft are 20/2 merc. cotton (warp is tan, tabby is cream), the weft is 10/2 merc. cotton, black.

Originally uploaded by vmusselm.


  1. Nice work, and yay for putting up some weaving on the blog.

    Yes, I have succumbed to the knittingness. I will have to take myself in hand. Or was my post just a red herring?:-)

  2. Very cool. I've heard of a skeleton tie-up but have no idea what it means.

  3. Anonymous2:02 PM

    I've only done 1 skeleton tie-up and had to use 2 treadles per shot ONCE and ONCE was enough! My hat's off to you. It looks great.


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