Monday, January 09, 2006

I live among geniuses...

One of the things that I listed as a holiday gift was a device to measure the length of yarns. Specifically handspun yarns, although there are times when it would be nice to wind measured lengths of yarn for weaving too.

When I researched the market the choices didn't suit me. I wanted to be able to measure in yards, up to 1,000 yd. Both the Schacht and Dundas bobbins hold a lot of yarn and I often spin fine yarns. Nancy's Knit Knacks yarn meter measures up 999 ft. The Schacht and LeClerc yarn meters are more expensive than I could justify for hobby use. So, I just dropped the wish off my list.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear, but this little gem:

My son and husband worked together to produce this yarn meter using the counter from an old tape player and maple scrap wood. They used their engineering and math skills to get the thing to measure almost any type of yarn with a +/- 5% accuracy.

I'm thrilled.

Here's a view from the back. Yes...those are rubber bands from green onions used as the drive belts.

Meanwhile, today they (the guys, not the rubber bands) are back to school and work respectively. So, once I get some of the clutter cleared up and can walk across the kitchen floor without sticking to it, I'm going to be playing with my yarn meter and perhaps weave some more on the King's Puzzle.

There's still more birthday stash to show you....perhaps later...


  1. OK, that is a very cool device and you are lucky to have such willing engineer/builders in your household! And I really like the use/re-use rubber bands.

    I took your lead and tried to post some weaving again, sheesh, my little obsessions can take over!

  2. Anonymous10:24 PM

    How nice---Ask and ye shall receive.
    Just found and e-mail from
    you, dated Jan. 1st. will call you tomorrow (Thursday)

  3. Very cool new toy - you definitely live with geniuses!

  4. Brilliant! That is a great gift. I'm impressed with your son & husband's skills.


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