Friday, January 27, 2006

Decisions, decisions....

This year I am trying to be a responsible consumer of all fiber related things. My reason for this is the volume of fiber related items in this house. There is a lot...I won't go into inventory here (been there, done that, and besides you don't really want to know.)

While rummaging through my "stuff" shortly after returning from a fiber acquisition binge, there was a light bulb moment. Much of this stuff arrived here as a result of impulse buying. Now I'm sure that most of you admit that some impulses are better than others. So there are some mistakes. Things that seemed a good idea at the time, but really, they just aren't me.

Meanwhile, there are some fiber things I want this year that are a little more expensive that most of my impulse buys. So human logic suggests that if I restrain myself from some of these impulse purchases, there will be enough accumulated resources to acquire the desires of my heart....right?

So here are the (current) desires of my heart:
- Registration and lodging for the full week of Convergence in Grand Rapids, Mi. this summer, with enough pocket money to splurge at the market. (Ingenious! Planned impulse buying!)

- Fiberworks PCW software, silver version.

- Designaknit 7 software.

I think that covers most of the biggies. I still covet a 30" Jensen cherrywood saxony production wheel, but can't justify it with 3 really nice spinning wheels already. It would be right up there with a 45" Toika loom (sigh).

Now here's where I need your help. I have the opportunity to purchase the new Vogue Knitting Stichionary at half price....for a limited time only.

I already own all of the Barbara Walker and Harmony Guides stitch dictionaries, along with: Lesley Stanfield's New Knitting Stich Library, 4 German stitch dictionaries, Mon Tricot, Susanna Lewis' Knitting Lace , Barbara Abbey's Lace Knitting, Sara Don's Lace Knitting. That's the short list. There are other books with some stitch patterns as part of the book (eg. Nicky Epstein's and Helene Rush books).

So what d'ya think dear readers? Is it possible that there's anything in this Vogue Stitchionary that I don't own in one form or another? From the sneak previews, it looks kind of pattern per page, line by line written instructions (no charts) and it's only knit/purl combinations.

What will you do...push me ahead, or restrain me?


  1. Restrain yourself. I don't think it will be that much of a sacrifice. No charts would make me think twice.

  2. I have become a big believer in delayed gratification. Convergence is definatly worth saying no to what you probably already have.

  3. You may not want my advice--I am terrible at restraining...I say Go for it, if you can.

  4. Well ... I usually say "go for it" ... but in this case ... I personally prefer stitch dictionaires that include charts. AND having been to Convergence once in my life (sigh a lifelong dream to go again someday) anything that you save now - will be spent twice over at Convergence. Squirrel away your nickles and dimes Val - you will be glad you did.

  5. If there are no charts, I'd seriously urge restraint. With what you have already, its hard to imagine there's anything new in the new book.

  6. Valerie, I know of a 45" (or is it 48") Toika, fully loaded, in excellent condition, that is available. If you are interested, email me & I will put you in touch with the seller.


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