Friday, December 09, 2005

Parallel Universe...

I don't usually read particular reason other than life is short, I'd rather work with fiber than be online (which you can tell by the inactivity on the blog lately.) So this morning I clicked on a link to Knitty and here is this article: Ravellings on the knitted sleeve: set-in sleves

Which is pretty much what I did with Fulmar after my last blog entry. I went about it in a little different fashion, but there it is. When Margaret Stove was in town a few years ago, I bought a huge flip pad of 1"x1" graph paper for her to chart lace for the class. That pad has been invaluable in figuring out pattern adjustments.

So, the calculations are all done, but I've been lured off to knit in greener (well, maybe blue-green) pastures:

This is the lace cardigan from INknitters, Summer '04 (see below). The yarn is alpaca laceweight on size 1 needles. The beginning was slow going, but the pace has picked up now that I've been through the 20 row pattern repeat 5 times. 6 more repeats to go for the back of the sweater. I really like the little lacy sweaters that I see in the stores, but they are all acrylic, poorly made, and not very flattering. So, I must knit.

Meanwhile there are presents to finish, shopping to do, cards to write, and a couple of bereavement visits to make. So, I'll blog when I can....and when I can't, I'll look for you on bloglines.

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