Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Will's Gansey..

At last the toddler's gansey is finished and just needs to be mailed out. His second birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks.

I've established a pattern of knitting sweaters for my great nieces and nephews. Somehow, I just wasn't in the mood when Will was born, so his is arriving a bit late in his little life. Hope it fits.

I'm thinking of destashing via ebay. This comes about because the sheer volume of my stash is crippling me. There are a couple of sweater kits, that I know I wouldn't wear if I did knit them. Then there's the Jacob and some Columbia rovings...They would make great felted clogs and purses, but those just aren't my kind of spinning and knitting. These things were purchased when I wanted to try EVERYTHING in spinning and knitting. Now I'm a bit more centered and focused and these things just aren't in my zone.

I went through the wool closet last night and mentally ticked off the things to part with. Any thoughts on selling on ebay are appreciated. Thanks!


  1. Anonymous6:00 PM

    If your kits are for fair isle (PIS or AS etc.) I'd be interested. I closed my EBay account after encountering credit card fraud, which helps me spend a lot less on yarn and knitting lately! I suggest that you start at the lowest you'd take, be patient and let the bidding play out (don't lower yur price). Sometimes the bidding really kicks in only at the very end.
    Janet jlzveg3@comcast.net

  2. Will's gansey looks lovely. Two is probably as good an age as newborn to get a handknit sweater anyway. ;-)

    I stopped doing eBay a while ago so no help from here on that, sorry.

  3. Will's Gansey is a wonderful sweater. I have considered destashing via e bay as well. It can be crippling. I have thought doing e bay would take a lot of my time, however, & never get around to figuring it all out.


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