Friday, November 18, 2005


This is a 4"x4" swatch of alpaca lace yarn to make the Handspun Lace Cardigan in the summer '04 issue of Inknitters. My apologies for the overexposure of the picture. The yarn was the major purchase of our Wednesday road trip to Heritage Spinning & Weaving. I don't get there often since it's 47 miles across the Detroit metro area. This was the first that I've been there since Joan expanded the shop. She's done a great job of designing a store that's appealling to spinners, knitters, & weavers. My other purchases include the two Gossamer Webs books.

Dh has been away this week for deer hunting. Of course the high windstorm on Tuesday night tore some flashing off the garage roof and started rolling back the roofing material like a sardine can. So before heading off to PiYo class Wed. AM, I was lugging bricks up onto the garage roof to anchor down the corners.

Nan, whose husband is scheduled for surgery for colon cancer Dec. 2, went along. Two ladies in sore need of some retail therapy!!

I've also been rummaging around my stash more. Knitting guild's "garage sale" is in March, the the weaving guild's "Moth Market" is in I think I'll hold off on the ebay thing and see if I can de-stash a little at these events.

The looms are calling to me this week. The blue roving that I'm spinning would make a great stole combined with this Cherry Tree Hill yarn (my focusing abilities are really off today!...sorry):
Perhaps I can finish the spinning and warp the loom w/ the Cherry Tree Hill yarn before hubby gets home.

It's pretty clear I'm into the color blue right now...and lace knitting. There just seem to be phases we go through...I'm not sure there's an explanation beyond "one thing leads to another."
Meanwhile, I'm still spinning the mini-combed cormo and working on a couple of unfinished knitting projects (Fulmar and dh's brioche vest). Both of these projects have aged for a long time. (Well...they're not blue and they're not lace...duh!)

No pithy thoughts from here right now. Just slogging from thing to thing. Am helping with a Grief Workshop at our church tomorrow. Right before the holidays seemed like a good time to sponsor this event. Ds gets home from school on Tues. and has a repeat CAT scan on the spot on his lung the next day. Then I have a routine colonoscopy the Wed. after Thanksgiving. IMO, keeping busy is the best way to get through these two weeks.

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  1. Love the lace. Yeah, keeping busy sounds like a good thing to do. You could always show your stash for sale in a photo album on the blog... not mentioning anyone's name who could be interested in breaking a stash enhancing rule. :-)


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