Friday, November 11, 2005

The Picture(s) of Procrastination:

There is much to be done which I do not feel like doing. Some has to do with housework. Other of it has to do with yardwork and flower gardens. And still more has to do with doing a 2006 budget for church when pledge amounts are on decline (matching the local economy) and we did not make the 2005 budget receipts.

When faced with this sort of thing, I find the best thing to do is bury my head in a cloud of least for a little while.

The following pictures are to show you how this yarn came to be. The fiber is Cormo from Sue Reuser.

I washed the wool in individual locks using the Fine Fleece Crockpot Wash method outlined on my old blog. The locks were washed sometime ago and have been patiently waiting while lined up and stuffed into a 2 gallon ziplock bag.

When I feel a bad case of "I don't wanna" coming on, I quickly grab the Forsythe mini-combs, a spray bottle of water, the bag of Cormo locks, a diz and a tiny crochet hook.

Next I grab a lock and check to find the tip end by holding the lock between my thumb and forefinger and rubbing them together. The lock will automatically "walk" between your fingers to the tip.

Then I load the butt end of the lock onto the comb and spritz it with water.

Taking the other comb into hand, I begin to swing through the mounted lock. First I swing straight down through the lock, until the wool stops transfering to the swinging comb. Then I start swinging the comb from side to side to transfer the wool back to the stationery comb.
When the wool has stopped transferring back to the stationery comb, I set aside the waste on the moving comb for a later felting project.

Then I take my diz (in this case the corner of a plastic milk jug w/ a hole pierced by a hot nail)and place the concave side toward the wool. I pull the wool into a point, and use a fine steel crochet hook to pull the point of wool through the hole in the diz. Then I begin to gently pull the wool from the comb to form a nice uniform top for spinning.
Once the diz gets near the stationery comb, and the resistance is high, I finish off the top and wind it into a little 'bird nest', winding from the butt end to the tip end. When I'm ready to spin, I pick up a 'bird nest' top and begin to spin from the tip.

By the time I have a basketful like this, I'm either ready to get to work. Or, I find a new way to writing a blog entry.
Happy weekend!

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  1. Hi Val! You have been very busy! Beautiful fleece - I have never spun Cormo before. Thanks for the Crockpot Fine Fleece washing method - looks great! I am my own worst enemy when it comes to washing fleece ... can't keep my hands off!


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