Friday, November 04, 2005

Kindness of Strangers....

This morning a friend called to tell me about a young family she visited on Wednesday. She began the story with her personal connection to this family. About 3 years ago she had some work done on her home including some carpeting. Of all the people who came in and worked on their home, there was this one young man who stood out to her. He paid meticulous attention to detail, took special care with his work, and there was just something about him that drew her attention.

As she continued with the details, the story began to sound familiar. I had read this story in the newspaper. I invite you to read the story of this young family here: Duane's story

This is a family who needs a miracle. If you would like to be part of their miracle, there's contact information in the article on how you can do that. I called his Mom this AM, and my check is in the mail.

On a lighter note:
Look who's hanging around our house today:

It looks like Halloween must have done this little guy in!! Just look at those cute little feet!! He's hanging right above the door that goes into our garage.
We took down the bat house when the Ash trees were removed about 2 months ago. Looks like the bat house needs to go back up again.

Fiber content: Last night I spun a few of the minicombed rovings of the Cormo last night. I have a project in mind, but must wait until the bobbin is filled and some sampling is done before revealing the details. And I almost finished the first sleeve of the toddler gansey last night while watching CSI.

For the record: I've been asked to share details of a copyrighted pattern in the comments. The pattern is not my own, therefore it is not mine to share. From time to time, I create a pattern of my own which I'm glad to share via my blog. But I will not violate copyright law.

Happy weekend!!

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  1. You have a kind heart, Valerie. Thanks for sharing this story. There is something tender & vulnerable about a bat--although they do send chills up my spine. Great photo of the bat!


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