Tuesday, October 18, 2005

3rd Grade Wisdom...

The following is shared with permission from my good friend, Mary, a third grade teacher. As you will see, she is a very good third grade teacher:

I need a fortune moment with one of my boys, and I think engaging him in the lessons will be a good thing. (Fortune moment after one of my boys last year. When I asked what a fortune was, he said, "That's when you go out on your own, get a nice house, a nice place to rest; get a lot of good food, invite your friends over, and listen to music."

"Jeffrey," I said, "That's the best definition of a fortune that I've ever heard!"

That particular child, who had been a problem, started to really participate in class. It was an effect that lasted most of the year. So now I call any moment when I can reach a particular child, a "fortune moment.")

I love that story so much...it's hard to know whether to wish for Jeffrey's definition of fortune or for a "fortune moment"!

However, I've been fortunate enough to recently have both. We spent last week on California's Monterey Peninsula for my nephew's wedding. It was a wonderful, intimate celebration of a marriage and the blending of two great families.

Saturday and Sunday were spent much like Jeffrey's definition of fortune with a party scheduled about every 3 hours: 2:30 PM bridal shower at tea room; 5:30 PM rehearsal dinner (almost as large as the 80 person wedding and with as many toasts!); 8:00 PM bonfire on the beach with beer, wine, and s'mores (got that Jeffrey?); 4:00 PM wedding then party on into the night.

Here's a picture of the happy couple...a union of Navy & Airforce.

It's not a wedding picture...he wore dress whites, she wore a (definitely out of uniform) gown.

But back to fortunes...
The rest of the week was more like a collection of "fortune moments": Enjoyable time spent with my brother's family, my sister and her gentleman friend, and most importantly with the dh. Lot's of fun hiking, biking, eating, and zooming up and down the Pacific Coast Highway in a '06 Mustang.

And I'm not sorry to say, I was having way too much fun to knit.

I wish you all such fortune (and a "fortune moment" or two)!

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    another writing WELL DONE! Thank you for using your wonderful gift of writing. You're the best.


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