Wednesday, September 28, 2005

What's all pink, wrinkly and lying on the floor?

It is the previously alluded to Flower Basket Shawl from the Fall 2004 issue of Interweave Knits, designed by Evelyn Clark. I think Fiber Trends also sells this as a separate pattern. A number of other bloggers have knit this.

However, true to my nature, I'm knitting it with a single strand of laceweight yarn on #5 needles. The pattern calls for the yarn to be doubled using #7 needles and 10 repeats of the main pattern. I'm going for more pattern repeats as well. What the heck, it's my shawl! The yarn is Alpaca With A Twist Fino, 70% baby alpaca and 30% silk in a mulberry color. So I haven't strayed very far from this blue - purple flower thing I've had going for the past while.

The Peace Shawl and the Estonian Gardens scarf are going up for silent auction at a church function to raise money for a needy family project. Since I'm not inclined to do much of the usual sorts of charity knitting, and since most homeless people really aren't looking for knitted lace made of silk & wool, the charity auction thing is a good fit for me and the kind of knitting that I like to do. But the Flower Basket shawl will be staying with me.

Yes, I know: Still no helmet liner, Valerie? Blame Fly Lady. I've been dutifully attacking my hotspots and now all of my regular knitting spots are COLD!!! Can't find my Beth Brown-Reinsel Gansey Book to finish the child's Gansey. Can't find the helmet liner pattern that was with the designated yarn. They were all caught up in a decluttering maelstrom and have yet to resurface. The Flower basket was spared because I've been carrying it around in the car.

To the non-fiber person, my house looks pretty good right now...except for those "machines" (aka looms and spinning wheels) in the dining room, which are BTW dust free. But to me, things are looking rather stark, spare, and cold. So, I'll be dragging out some knitting to warm up some of those cold spots!

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  1. Very nice pink wrinkly project--love the flower basket shawl & your comments re: charity knitting. Yes, an auction would do better for me too, I must say. Lovely knitting!!!


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