Saturday, September 03, 2005

There IS help!

I can so relate to THIS right now.

Maria kindly had the link on her blog.

Not much knitting going on. Much gardening to catch up with now that plants are no longer cooking in the soil. Much sewing to be done if I am not to run around naked this fall. More fiber later....


  1. DH might not mind if you run around naked, but guess that will limit you to staying home.

  2. the link to thenonist was hysterical! thanks for the laugh!


  3. Blog that's my problem. And I have not been blogging long. Great link. I turned to blogging in order to look at the world through the eyes of an insect, flower, animal, bit of fiber...but it is difficult to keep the course at times as the sad world of human life (& death) revolves around me--this cannot be ignored.


tie in the loose ends...