Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Completion of the Four Seasons....

This photo of a wild aster completes my mission. I want to put together a "Four Seasons on Beck Rd." photo display of flowers in the powder room that we painted this summer. When I pulled out my photo's there were plenty of spring and summer flowers and one great winter picture of a milkweed pod covered w/ snow. But there were no autumn flowers. My criteria for this display is that they must be wildflowers. So I've been waiting for the asters to come forward. Now here she is!

Judith in her blog yesterday mentioned finding dead bumble bees in the arms of a flower as a sign of autumn approaching. I must thank her for calling that to my attention or I wouldn't have noticed this:

I'm not sure if you can tell from the photo, but it almost looked like the aster had folded it's petals over the bumble bee in an embrace. I know I anthromorphize a lot...but, sometimes one just can't help it.

Obligatory Fiber Content: Spinner's Flock sale was this past Sunday. I wasn't going to go because I don't need a thing in the realm of fiber. However, after a trying few days of working with the church council, I left an ad hoc meeting after church at 1:30 PM Sunday and headed straight for Chelsea.

These are two 6 oz. balls of combed top. It contains Border Liecester Lamb, Alpaca, Yearling Mohair, and Silk. I haven't been spinning much lately. Thought maybe having a ready to spin preparation might help me get back to the wheels. What will I do w/ 12 oz.? I'm not sure. I haven't sampled yet. Love the color...I must be in my "Blue Period".

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  1. I see your bumblebee embraced by the flower--I anthromorphize too--what a picture you have! I like the fiber as well.


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