Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Completed Estonian Lace Scarf:

Ha! You thought I was lying about this last week, didn't you? Well here it is, cast off and blocked. I ended up buying myself a Rowenta Professional steam iron to finish the blocking job. I had a coupon plus gift cards that we purchased at 20% discount, so I didn't pay the obscene price they ask for those things. The super shot of steam worked just fine for blocking this thing.

This past weekend was also family weekend at Purdue. Nothing like a college football game on a 91 degree Saturday afternoon! We were lucky enough to be in the third row from the top of the stadium which provided a nice breeze along with convection currents. We felt almost cool watching the band in their wool uniforms and the team in full football gear!

Since I waited too long to make motel reservations, we stayed at a dive of a place on Saturday night. You know it's bad when your kid looks at the place and says he's glad he has the dorm to go back to. It was just a notch above a flophouse, IMO. Note to self...if we have to go next year we will make reservations earlier.

Not only have I been experiencing blogger's malaise, but also have a case of blog reading malaise. After the weekend, I'd click on my Bloglines feeds and see that everybody and their uncle had posted at least 2-3 times while I was away. That was enough to make me close the tab and go hide. Today I bit the bullet and clicked that little "mark all read" button at the top of my feeds list. Whew! Instant relief. Wish I could click away the rest of the unfinished business in my life. Imagine....walk into your studio and flick the switch that disposes of all the unfinished projects and ill-conceived ideas. What a concept!

A new knitting project got underway in the 10 hour round trip to W. Lafayette, IN. You'll have to wait to see what it is. A hint: more lace....and not a helmet liner. Give me some rain and temps. below 80 degrees and I'll start that helmet liner...promise!


  1. Ooh nice. And I want an iron like that, too. As for blogger's malaise, it comes and goes. I can't even get to fiber stuff most weeknights, so my blog posts are not terribly interesting over the week.

  2. Janiceijlvtx7:38 AM

    Hi Valerie,
    Ohhhh---your Estonian is georgeous and the color is perfect for you, as blue as Mom's eyes and yours!

  3. Beautiful scarf! I'll get around to lace one day. I just spun up some fingering weight yarn as an experiment and was thinking it would be nice to test on some lace stitch patterns.

  4. The Estonia scarf is just beautiful. Love the color.

  5. Nice scarf. Laughing over the blogger malaise and your remedy. Will make a note of it.

  6. I'm a little late, but OMG that scarf is absolutely stunning! Beautiful job!


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