Saturday, August 13, 2005

'Tis Finished:

'T ain't Finished:

And that about sums up life right now. I'm grateful to have something (anything!) finished. But there's plenty of unfinished business ready to be picked up.

The lower level bathroom is fully primed. It turns out that you need a grey or tinted primer when painting with a dark color. So once the primer is dry, I can mask the walls and paint the ceiling. After that's done and dry, I can mask and paint the walls. I've been warned that it will take about 3 coats to cover.

As I said, " 'tis finished....'tain't finished..."


  1. That's very pretty shawl - and I love the design! Painting is in the air, everywhere :-).

  2. Lovely. You know, I've been signing letters, cards and emails with "Peace" for about ten years now. I oughta cast that one on! Beautiful job!

  3. What a beautiful shawl!

  4. Anonymous10:53 PM

    The shawl is beautiful Val and with such speed.Seems like you just started it!----sigh
    I'm knitting helmet liners for the local soldiers being shipped to Afghanistan.

  5. Anonymous4:56 AM

    Oooh, makes me want to knit lace again!

    Carolyn aka Curlypurl


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