Monday, August 22, 2005

The Thousand Dollar Weekend....

We took ds back to Purdue this past weekend, once again experiencing sticker shock. First there is the motel room for Mom & Dad on this trip. In a college town they adjust the rates for any event that will bring the parents to town...and I don't mean they discount them.

Then you help the kid move into the new digs. As with any moving process, the absence of certain necessities (?) becomes very evident. So you head out to Target and Meijers to exercise Mom & Dad's plastic. (There's a wonderful Super Target in Lafayette....metro-Detroit's pale in comparison.)

Last summer, ds became obsessed with having his room 'lofted' and spent hours with dh building the perfect loft for the dorm he was in last year. Now that he is in his second year, more housing opportunities are available. So the loft had to be redesigned and built on the spot in the new dorm room. (The loft was stored in a storage shed down there...we didn't lug it home to store for the summer.) Did I mention that it was 97 degrees in W. Lafayette on Friday?

So, the loft was rebuilt and the room was (re)furnished. Next stop: the book store. One semester: $700. So...there you have it, the thousand dollar weekend.

I decided to start some more lace for the car trip which is 5 hours each way. With 97 degree temps, the helmet liners had to get in line behind some cooler knitting.

The yarn is Artisan Lace Weight. The pattern is Fibertrends Estonian Garden Lace Stole & Scarf The stole is shown in this picture from the pattern.

I'm about 2/3's of the way done with the body of the shawl (little flowers pattern) Then I get to start the Lily of the Valley Borders. It's fun to be knitting something with 8 row repeats, much easier to set mini-goals that way. For me, mini-goals are the only way to accomplish larger projects. More about that in a later post.

It's cooler here now and I have work to do my own 'Not-Estonian' Garden. But first, I have to pack up and send the book that ds thought he wouldn't need this semester.


  1. What a gorgeous shawl (or is it a scarf?) any case it is so beautiful. I have it on my list to knit one day.

  2. I second that comment... a beautiful scarf!

  3. Janice11:07 AM

    Thanks for the DS update and double ditto on the scarf comments!

  4. What beautiful lace! Love the color in the light for the trip scarf and the white is just elegant!

  5. Lovely scarf. I need to decide what I'm bringing when we take our son tomorrow. Not looking forward to the bookstore trip.

  6. Beautiful scarf! Just lovely. And wow, I didn't know you could build a loft inside a dorm room. Sounds like you & your DH have gone the extra mile for your son and I think that's great. :)


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