Saturday, August 27, 2005

Men in trees...

These guys were out here on Thursday and Friday to take down about 12 mature Ash & Elm trees. I don't know how much national play the Emeral Ash Borer has recieved, but southeastern MI has been devastated by this little stow-away from China. It's really sad. The only official attempts we see at stopping the spread is to not carry firewood out of the area. From what I've seen, this little insect has no trouble travelling on it's own! So, I'm sure that it will spread over the northern part of the continent in due time.

The lot around our home looks quite a bit different without our old tree friends. Thank God we still have oaks, maples, lindens, cottonwoods (not my favorite..but), and a couple of beeches, not to mention the pines.

The one good thing to come out of this is that we have more songbirds this summer because the brushy undergrowth is fuller. Songbirds love to hide in the brush. We have one neighbor who would love for us to clear all of our land and turn our 1.3 acres into grassland so she could gaze over the land from her front deck. Of course she's also the lady who doped the little pond on our shared corner of land, so there are no more spring peepers. I say, "Fat chance lady!" Oh, yeah...I also caught her making a foray into our "forest" to snitch wild trillium a couple springs ago.

Knitting: I'm ready to start the lily of the valley pattern on the first border of the Estonian scarf. I have weaving ideas and plans in my head. Fixing and cleaning up are a big part of recent activities...just like Sara, Judi, & Margene.

Blogging: Lately it seems I've been drawn more to the blogs where fiber people talk about the other interests in their lives. Check out: Goldfinches & Fiber, Knitagarden, & Greenberry House

And for a laugh at the blogworld, check out Rachael's entry for August 25.

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  1. Good action photos! Awful devastation by the borer--I have heard of that one. That neighbor of yours....hmmmmm....


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