Monday, August 08, 2005

Come with me on a trip up north....

Door to Old Presque Isle Light House Tower
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This the door to the tower on the Old Presque Isle Light House. We spent this past weekend in this area. Dh went scuba diving in the Thunder Bay Underwater Preserve. Ds & I went photographing.

This is a special area for us. We own undeveloped property right on the shore of Lake Huron that looks right out onto the point where the Presque Isle lights are located. It was a fluke of an investment 27 years ago. Ds has memories of visiting the old Presque Isle lighthouse when George and his wife were docents. George was a crusty old guy who allowed ds to operate the pump foghorn one year. The next year we went back and George had passed on to his reward, but his wife was still there. She told ds that after George died, the light in the tower would inexplicably come on any evening she was out after dark. She said George was leaving the light on for her until she was safely home. She hasn't been there in a number of years and I assume that she too is now safely home. Of course, ds has never forgotten that story.

Old Presque Isle Light House circa 1840's
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This is the old light house. Inside the home are artifacts from the mid 19th century. Things that the light house keepers may have owned and used and other bric-a-brac. One rather disturbing piece is a 11" x 14" shadow box with a wreath worked in hairwork. This may not be a mourning piece...but it's my understanding that hairwork was typically done in the 1800's as a means of mourning.
The gardens have some old fashioned plants such as the yarrow, that this monarch was enjoying:
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This new lighthouse was built in the 1890's and is about a half mile up the point from the old light.
New Presque Isle Light House
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On Sunday, ds and I were hungry for pasties, so we decided to take a road trip up to Mackinaw City and the Mackinaw Pastie & Cookie Co. They make the best pasties that we've found anyhwere. While munching our lunch we noticed that they don't ship pasties anymore, so we bought a cooler, some ice, and a bakers dozen of frozen pasties to bring home with us. YUM!

On the way back to Thunder Bay we discovered another light we had never seen:

40 Mile Point Light House
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It's unusual because the house is a duplex and the tower is integral to the house. The Fresnel lens is intact and they still operate the light with a halogen bulb. The name 40 Mile Point Light House comes from the fact that it is located 40 miles from Thunder Bay and 40 miles from Mackinaw.

With all this driving, photograhing, and light house tower climbing, I did get some knitting time in. The Bergamot Peace Shawl needs 25 more of these:

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Then the I-cord across the top and it's done except for the blocking. With the 90 degree temps this summer, lace and shawls have been the perfect knitting project.


  1. Janice11:25 PM

    This post took me right back to our little jaunt to your vacant property after leaving Shanty Creek and SOAR a couple of years ago.A fun time!

  2. I enjoyed your Trip Up North. Lighthouses are wonderful! I will return to read your blog.


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