Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Park path

Park path
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This is part of the path that I walk at the township park on most mornings. Every spring, they do a controlled burn along this section of the path to simulate what used to be normal prairie conditions.

There are so many wildflowers in here. From the earliest part of spring on through fall, each week there are new species to see. It's always a treat on a morning walk.

Summer is speeding by quickly this year, particularly since it got such a late start. Soon I won't be able to walk this path in the mornings until late in September. Because of this:

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Ragweed and grasses are one of my worst asthma triggers. For the past 3 years I have been in the emergency room during the week after Labor Day because of asthma. During the rest of the year it's very well controlled with a minimum of medication. This year I am determined to avoid the emergency room. So, now that I've noticed that this stuff is about to bloom I have begun to execute the asthma management plan that I worked out with the dr.

Looks like I'll be walking in town, or on the treadmill for awhile.

BTW...the Bergamot Shawl photo was also taken at the park this afternoon.

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  1. The wonderful path (except for the ragweed!) does look like the Meadow (Madness) at the Massachusetts Garden In The Woods, the one I am attempting to 'copy' in mini-form. It must be a lovely walk you have.


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