Thursday, July 14, 2005


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This is where I was headed yesterday....a photo of chicory. This one is stilllighter in color than the "cornflower blue" that I love.

The walk this morning was rather abbreviated by carrying camera and tripod. I think a UV filter will be my next photographic purchase.

Continuing on the color theme: I'm really pleased with the color that came through from this cardinal flower. Reds are often tricky with digital cameras...especially when it's red yarn. There was a beautiful butterfly hanging around while I was taking these, but it never lighted for a good shot.

Cardinal Flower
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While the chicory & cardinal flower provide color inspiration, let's move onto structure:

Nature's Lace
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Isn't this an exquisite little inspiration for lace? The 8 pointed star-like pattern really lends itself to knitted lace. Perhaps a shawl or a doily?

More thoughts about the park:

Foot in Mouth
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This is another view from the same park. Around 17 years ago, a sculptor was hired to create items for the children's play area at the park. The plan was to center these in a sandy area where kids could climb and play on them. There are about 7 of these very disturbing looking, phallic shaped items. They were never a hit with the kids.

Around the time my son was in first grade(about 5 years later), a group of parents started a campaign to build a real play area for the children. The result is a huge, timbered structure with slides, gongs, ring other words, something a little more practical where kids would actually play. Two years ago, a spray scape was added. A very cool idea for a community with no public swimming facilities other than the school pools.

Meanwhile, these sculptures have become unsafe and are cordonned off with orange mesh so they don't topple on a kiddo.

Perhaps the sculptor was using the foot in the mouth image to communicate he knew it was a bad idea?
Off to clean house, then sit down at the spinning wheel with some mini-combed cormo locks!!

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    Queen Anne's Lace crochet pattern. Not quite the same as the flower.


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