Friday, July 29, 2005


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So, Echinacea
doesn't do anything for colds.

(click on the word to see the NEJM report.)

I can say that echinacea, if ingested will give me a good case of the hives along with an asthma attack. Ditto for chamomile. Knowing that I can have such reactions to plant materials has kept me away from natural dyeing. However, I am enjoying reading about the history of cochineal in A Perfect Red. I think I learned about this book from Cassie's blog.

Speaking of the perfect red:

wool crepe
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This is a photo of some wool crepe fabric that I found on sale yesterday for $6.99/yd. I love the color and the hand of this fabric is lucious. It will be made into this suit. The pattern calls for a commercial lace collar and cuffs. I think I feel a trip to Haberman's coming on.

On the knitting front: I'm slowly making my way along the lower border of the Peace shawl. This could mean that the shawl would be completed in less than a month!

Thank you to all who provided kind and supportive comments regarding my son. He seems to be fine. The staples come out of his head on Monday. Meanwhile, we can effectively threaten him by saying we're going to hold a magnet next to his head ...(just kidding...)

Tomorrow ds and I are scheduled to take a "Driving Awareness & Vehicle Dynamics" class at Michigan Proving Ground. This should be interesting....

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  1. How about knitting the lace for the collar and cuffs? I did some for a pin-tucked blouse that unfortunately some mouse got at.

    I'm thinking silk yarn for sheen and style ...


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