Friday, July 01, 2005

All Politics is Local...

This summer I have committed myself to get more consistent with asana practice by adding a Yoga-fit class to my schedule on Mon. and Fri. mornings. This morning's class was a reminder that "all politics is local".

The Summit runs summer day programs for school age kids, so the regular fitness classes get moved around. Today, yoga fit was in a nice exercise "studio" that has one of those sliding, dividing walls. I always stake out a corner in the back for yoga classes: it cuts down on the number of people who can stare at my butt. So I was back in the corner by the retractable wall, paying attention to the breath with soft Indian music in the background.

About 15 minutes into class, some gawdawful, high-pitched, screeching "music" started coming directly behind me on the other side of that wall. Tai Chi class had begun. So here I was, straddling the border between Tibet and China while standing in the center of Canton, Michigan!!

We did convince the Tai Chi class to at least move their "music" source to the opposite side of their room. So there was an amicable settlement to the dispute for the remaining 45 minutes of class.

Other stuff:
- I did a "sewn" cast off on the bottom of the Oatmeal Toddler Gansey last night. All that remains are the sleeves and the rolled neckline. Pictures at this point would be redundant, you'll have to wait.

- I bought myself a copy of The Opinionated Knitter, Meg's compilation of EZ's Woolgatherings. How interesting to note that Elizabeth started publishing Woolgatherings when she became disgusted with the way magazines were publishing knitting instructions. It would seem that history is repeating itself. However, instead of one lonely voice sitting down at a manual typewriter to send out well thought out knitting message, we now have a thousands (maybe millions?) of such people sitting down at computers and broadcasting their knitting opinions via the web. However, I've learned in my blogrolling that some opinions are more informed than others.

As for the current knitting mags.....there's a wasteland out there.

- I decided that I wanted to knit another one Evelyn Clark's triangular shawls, published by Fiber Trends (probably the Peace Shawl). So I went to the LYS looking for laceweight yarn. Now, this is a shop where the yarn is literally spilling out of the door. No laceweight. "Not much call for it", I'm told (?!?!?!) This very same shop used to cary some of the finest Italian merino laceweight yarns. That was back when there were fewer knitters. Now we have a glut of "knitters"...and no laceweight on the shelves.

I know that I can order what I want online, and I will. But somebody please reverse this trend of Stepford Knitters with recycled garbage for yarn.

Well, this is probably longer than anyone wants to I'll quit right here.

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