Monday, June 13, 2005

Fruit & Oatmeal

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Rainy Monday's are a good opportunity to post a 'progress to date' photo. This is the toddler sweater that I wrote about a week or two ago. The yarn is oatmeal colored Encore worsted weight. Since my favorite breakfast is fruit and get the setting for this photo.

Encore is not my favorite of yarns. It begins pilling way too soon for my tastes. But it is easy to launder and will meet the needs of a toddler boy.

I am ready to put the underarm gussets on stitch holders and begin working the bodice front and back in back and forth fashion. It's encouraging to work something that will be completed so fast. Perhaps it will get me back to the Fulmar that has been languishing on the needles for the past couple months.

I will leave you with this photo the represents today's weather. Consider yourself lucky that you can't feel the humidity through the picture.

drip, drip, drip
Originally uploaded by vmusselm.

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  1. The peony photo is amazing. And the wee sweater is beautiful.


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