Wednesday, June 15, 2005

For the heart....

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I give you foxgloves, also known as digitalis: a drug that strengthens the contraction of the heart muscle.

That's appropriate for this week. Yesterday my husband's cousin died after a five year struggle with colon cancer. Ron lost his mother to cancer when he was 9 yrs. then his father succumbed to colon cancer when Ron was a teen. So he was raised with my husband's family and is like an older brother to them.

As it turns out, the funeral will be on Saturday at 1:30 PM. On that same day we have been planning a surprise 80th birthday party for my father in law at 6:00 PM. (My husband's family relishes endurance tests!)

I should note that it's against my better judgement that this be a surprise party....I mean, do you really think it's good idea to be yelling surprise at 80 year olds? Let alone the fact that he's been arguing with everyone that he will not be 80 this year, he thinks this will be the 79th. (What do you get when you subtract 1925 from 2005?) I suspect that the schedule for the day will necessitate that someone spill the beans to my FIL....but as the outlaw (er..inlaw) it won't be me.

More heart aches: Another funeral tomorrow. My friend, Dianna's 23 y.o. son was killed in a motorcycle accident on Sunday.

The weather is cooler and I'll be spending about 20 hours in the car this weekend. Perhaps next week you will see some knitting photo's rather than these never-ending flower photo's.

But still, I can't resist giving you a good look inside a foxglove.

foxglove close up
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  1. My mom died of colon cancer a few years ago. I'm so sorry for your loss.

  2. What a week! I'm so sorry for both of your losses.

    I agree about the surprise for your FIL. For my mother's 80th we told her we were taking her out for dinner, but did surprise her with a few more people being there. She just turned 89 so we are celebrating every year now.


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