Monday, May 02, 2005

What to tackle next?

The denim jacket is finished and was worn to a luncheon yesterday with a matching skirt. The jacket will also get a workout on Thursday when I have tickets for the Community prayer breakfast, lunch plans with a friend, then dinner with the women of the ELCA. I don't remember ever having a day with plans for eating out in the company of friends for all three meals. I keep thinking of that marshmallow eating game: "One chubby bunny, two chubby bunnies....."

No photos.....I haven't mastered the art of photography of garments on a hanger yet, (if indeed it can be mastered). Is photography a good enough reason to want a dress form?

I spent yesterday evening cleaning up the sewing machine and serger after the sewing spree. The little vacuum that has the hose and a teeny tiny nozzle came in handy for the denim lint in all the nooks and crannies. Then I spent some time trying to impose order on the rest of the room. There were some samples and swatches that needed to be catalogued and a few magazines in need of filing. I found the article on fitting yourself for a pair of jeans....and I AM going to do this. I want a custom fitted, comfortable, flattering pair of jeans without a 3 figure price tag. But the linen jacket will come first.

The weaving guild's "moth market will be May 19. So I culled some balls and cones of yarn that will not be missed from my shelves and bins, then changed the bug repellent strip in the wool closet. Once again stood in awe at the amount of wool I have accumulated for spinning. Well, maybe aghast is a better word than awe. I'd love to continue on my sewing spree.....but if I don't start getting some spinning done, we'll have to call in Rumplestiltskin!!!

Meanwhile, I'm on the home stretch of a Baby Surprise sweater for one of my nephews' new baby. I promise photo's of that before the week is out.

Ds is in final exams week at Purdue, finishing out the home stretch of his freshman year. Wow, where did that time go? We are bracing ourselves for a garage full of boxes for the summer and a significant leap in grocery bills after next weekend.


  1. Awe striking stashes seem to be the norm with spinners and knitters!

    Thanks for visiting my blog; the scientific name for the sweet shrub, according to Google is Calycanthus floridus. Hope you can find one!

  2. I want a picture of the wool closet!

    I love vicariously enjoying someone else's stash.

  3. Anonymous9:59 AM

    Aghast not awe. Oh, how I can relate. And yet, I am anxiously waiting for the 20+ lbs of roving to be ready for pickup - hopefully next week... I am averting my eyes from the fact of where to put it. I'll anguish about that later :-))

  4. Remind me to learn to sign my name. Cathy


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