Tuesday, May 24, 2005

More on plans...

I'm still focused on the planning thread from my last entry. There are things I would like to accomplish this summer. Some are fiber things, some are house things, some are reading/study things. So I'm tapping into Julie Morganstern's methods for organizing my workspace and my time.

The primary workspace of concern is the sewing room which is a 10' x 10' room with a small walk in closet. I have a large, old fashioned steel desk in there (the kind that has a pull out typewriter surface on either side, above the drawers), along with the sewing table (holding both the sewing machine and the serger), a 2 drawer file cabinet, a chest of drawers, 2 large 6.5' tall book cases, and two stacks of Sterlite bins. The walk in closet is FULL of fiber (spun and unspun), dyes, and esoteric fiber tools.

Julie's suggestion for organizing a room is the kindergarten model. Each activity has a center, where all the tools and materials for the activity are located where the activity takes place. It's clear, even after purging all that I care to from this room, that it's big enough for sewing, designing, and storage. That's all.

I need an additional space for bible study, journaling, and planning. Even though there's a desk in the sewing room, it's just not conducive to those activities. So, I'm staking out the corner in a small spare bedroom. There's a little alcove in there, right beside a window. I want to install another 2 drawer file and desk like worksurface in that cubby.

The looms and the spinnning wheels will stay in the dining room...which seems to work out pretty well, except for the table loom which is currently on the dining room table. I wish I could figure out a place where I could put up the table loom and/or the knitting machine periodically. If I put together the new study cubby, that old metal desk would be a prime candidate for the table loom and the knitting machine when needed.

So...that's the space organizing component. Now for the summer task list:

Fiber projects to finish:

- dh's vest only needs the button hole and armhole bands.
- Fulmar needs 1/3 of one sleeve and the remaining sleeve to be knitted.
- There are 2 yds. of cotton chenille warp remaining on the 36" loom.
- There are about 5 more samples to finish weaving from the big twill workshop.
- The blue/turquoise/purple merino wool is waiting for me to finish carding on the drum carder.
- I need more cormo combed and spun to weave with the singles.
- There are about 3 more summer outfits to sew, one being the natural linen jacket/blazer.
- The red self patterning socks are about 3/4's finished.
- There's still some polwarth and corriedale fleece that needs to be washed.

This finish list is to prevent the onset of a case of startitis. At least 3 things have to come off of that list before I will list things I want to start working on for the summer.

On the home front: I want to strip the wallpaper in the lower level bathroom (silver foil, incuding the ceiling...ugh!!) and paint it. I also want to strip the wallpaper in the living and dining rooms and paint them before installing new carpet before September.

I figure that all of this will keep me pretty busy for the next 3.5 months.

And on the family front:
My son is still looking for a summer job, 2.5 weeks after getting home from college. Southeast Michigan is definitely in a slump. Today he was called in for a second interview to work for a business that does machine embroidery and screen printing. The job would be some computer graphics and programming, general grunt work, and possibly some embroidery. Apparently the owner who interviewed him was intrigued that a young man would be interested in this job. Ds said he noticed that the interviewer was definitely looking for a reaction when he said, "You might have to do some embroidery work." Ds replied, "Well I've done some cross stitch, which I know isn't the same thing. But my Mom taught me to use her old sewing machine when I was in 4th grade and it was kind of fun."

I'm a little surprised that of all the applications he's submitted, he's most interested in this job and really wants it. Then again, I've been telling him all his life that it all comes back to textiles.

If I had my way...he'd get the job for 25-30 hrs. per week, then I'd put him to work with the paint brush after I get the wallpaper stripped. However, I don't often get my way....

Keep a good thought on the job front for him.

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  1. Good thought for your son's job outlook. Painting is on my agenda this weekend. Oh joy. But it has to be finished sometime, right? I hear you on workrooms and storage. I need to refigure my 3 playrooms - study, workroom, wool room/library. It's dysfunctional... looking forward to reading your solutions.


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