Monday, May 30, 2005

Here's what I've been doing...

After months of procrastination, I went to the lower level bathroom on Saturday afternoon to tug on a corner of the wallpaper and see just what I was getting myself into. Well...less than 90 minutes later, all of the wallpaper, including the ceiling wallpaper, was stuffed in a garbage bag out in the garage.

In 27 years of homeownership and wallpaper removal, that has to be a record!
Here's a photo of the stuff that came down. I wanted to be sure and document that the ceiling was indeed papered in foil.

foil walls
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Standing in this room was a bit like being inside a gift wrapped box.

Today I will wash the old glue off the walls. Then I must wait for either dh or ds to repair the huge hole in the wall. This was created when we had hot water heating installed a couple years ago.

I've picked my colors at Behr paints. Look up the color named "river bank" and you'll see the color for the walls. The green walls will look good w/ the white ceramic tile flooring and fixtures. It also cooridnates with the carpeting that we put in the rest of the lower level in January. If you still have the Behr link open, type in Toffee Crunch and you'll see the color I want to paint the living room.

Fiber pursuits are kind of on the back burner. I'm almost finished with the red socks that were posted awhile ago. The baby surprise sweater and cap have been mailed. And I've been thinking of making a wall quilt to go over the fire place in the lower level. Something kind of geometric...the paint colors will provide the base tones. Just haven't decided on the accent colors yet.

I have a log of other Memorial Day thoughts I could share...but not just now. Maybe later.

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