Thursday, April 28, 2005

The sewing table..

"Jo~Ann Essentials Sewing Table"
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Charleen asked about the sewing table referred to in last week's post. Here it is...I couldn't find it on the Jo~Ann's site, but it is in the current sale flyer for our zip code zone....$69 through April 30. I'm able to put the serger on the leaf of the table because the very end of the fold out leaf is supported by a 2 drawer file cabinet. If you look closely at the right hand side, there are 2 nice shelves to keep supplies and tools close to hand.

We looked at the fancy sewing furniture, but could never figure out how to fit it into the available space in my sewing room. When I saw this one, the price was right and it suits my needs.

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  1. Thanks for the picture. It looks just right for me too. I have class tonight and tomorrow, but hopefully I can get over to JoAnn's tomorrow night.


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