Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Sewing notes....

In my previous post, I talked about not having a log book of my sewing. It seems like this is a good place to start.

This is the jacket to the spring suit that I finished sewing a couple weeks ago. The base color isn't quite true in the's more of a gold color. The matching skirt is a basic straight skirt with a faced waistline (I think that's called princess waistline) and it is a solid gold color, no embroidery.
Embroidered suede cloth jacket
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This is a close up of the jacket fabric.

Jacket fabric
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Lessons Learned from this project:

1. Photographing finished garments without a model or dress form is very tricky. This sort of explains why I haven't done this before.

2. Always check the hand of the fabric before having it cut at the store. The embroidered suede cloth was much lighter weight than the non-embroidered suede cloth. I didn't notice this until I was cutting out the fabric.

3. Fusi-knit, an iron on tricot knit interfacing, was useful in improving the drape of this fabric for use in a jacket. Note to self: Buy more fusiknit in white and black at the next sale, or w/ my 40% off coupons.

4. These polyester microfiber fabrics dull needles very quickly. Change needles mid-project at the first hint of difficulty. Note to self: Buy more size 80 universal point sewing machine needles.

5. A professional pressing is worth it's weight in gold. This suit is on it's way to the dry cleaner for a professional pressing right now. This doesn't mean that you can skip all of the construction pressing....but there's just no way that my little old steam iron will make the garment look the way the drycleaner's steam pressing will.

6. Marking darts: On the skirt I used a quick hand basting technique to mark the darts. This was a tip in either Threads or Sew News magazine and it's the most accurate, stable way of marking a dart for sewing that I've ever used.

In general, I'm pleased with this outfit. It's not couture sewing...but it's serviceable. Right now I'm working on a cotton skirt and top. The fabric is navy and white, reminding me of some of those Japanese peasant fabrics. It should be cool and comfortable for summer. Actually the skirt is done, I'm working on the top.

We are going to Purdue for and honor's banquet with dear son this weekend. Hmmm...what shall I wear?


  1. Thank you for all of the tips. I'm about to cut some microfiber this evening. I'll go buy some more needles before I begin sewing.
    The jacket looks terrific!

  2. Nice jacket! Thanks for the tips. I always used to use tailor tacks for darts. I've just washed some black microfiber for slacks. Hopefully I'll have time to cut them out tomorrow night.


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