Thursday, April 21, 2005

More sewing stuff..

This is the fabric:

cotton fabric
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And this is the pattern:

Butterick 3532

I made top B and skirt E. The fabric appealed to me because it reminds me of some of the indigo dyed Japanese peasant least loosely translated.

This project went very smoothly. I can't think of any lessons learned other than to make this pattern again, maybe even try the pants pattern. This is the outfit that I wore to the banquet at Purdue on Saturday afternoon. Even though it's 100% cotton it seems to resist wrinkles and is a very comfortable garment. It was way too warm to wear the suede cloth outfit.

The problem with a project going smoothly is it makes you think you can conquer the world. Today a Land's End catalogue arrived with women's linen jackets on the front. They called to mind a Liz Claiborne pink linen blazer I had a long time ago (when Liz Claiborne clothes were still high quality). My thoughts then jumped to some linen that was on sale at the fabric store, wondered if they have a shade of blue or cream that I could use. Hmmm. Dangerous thoughts. I have existing projects that need to be finished first.

Stay tuned to see if I do make the dash to the fabric store to stock up on linen.

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  1. I like that top. Thanks, I'm always looking for new pieces. I made the Cruise Pants in black and tan linen last summer. The black is weathering a bit, so I just got some more for another pair. I've been ordering most of my fabric online these days - no good fabric stores around.


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