Friday, April 22, 2005

A higher form of justice (well, sort of).....

I am not a fan of the furry, fuzzy, eyelashed novelty yarns that are choking the aisles of the yarn shops. In fact, they seem to be choking the likes of knitters and nonknitters alike everywhere I go. So you can understand my reaction at knitting guild last night when it was announced there is a product recall on Sirdar's Fizz yarn.

Check it out for yourself at: Sirdar Fizz recall

As for the linen jacket: I did go and buy some natural colored linen (actually 50% linen/50% rayon) for a jacket. And threw some interesting denim into the bag as well. If it's going to snow and sleet this last full weekend in April, I may as well have a sewing marathon.


  1. I saw a recall sign in a craft chain recently and enjoyed a quiet moment of snark.

  2. I'm afraid I screamed with laughter when I heard about the recall....not a very becoming or sympathetic reaction, but oh well. :)


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