Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Goodnight Sweet Prince

Prince Ranier of Monaco Dies
I was just 3 years old when this "Prince Charming" married actress Grace Kelly making her the Princess of Monaco. I can't say that I remember the actual event, but I do remember the story. It was one of those rare instances when real life gave substance to the fairy tales that I knew and loved. A true Cinderella story, though in fact Grace probably didn't spend much time among the cinders.

Still as a child, it was fun for me to read "Look", "Life", and "The Saturday Evening Post" magazines. To gaze at the pictures, day dream, and follow the lives of this royal family.

Life isn't like that anymore. What 7 year old would daydream over photo's leading up to Prince Charles and Camilla's wedding? (Sort of like a splash of ice water in the face, isn't it?) Yet, Charles and Camilla's situation is more typical of real life today. And today's little girls day dream over the likes of Brittany and the Olsen twins.

You know, there's something to the Disney lyric: "A dream is a wish your heart makes." I didn't marry "Prince Charming", but almost 28 years ago I married a man that is so suitable to me and my temperment that it's scary sometimes. Not that there haven't been bumps along the road. But I do think that having the kind of dreams precipitated by a culture that sustained ideals like the Princess Grace 'myth' was one of the ingredients in the glue that holds us together as a couple. Yes, we are committed to one another. But on the days we might not have been quite so committed to one another, our commitment to being married pulled us through and I hope will continue to do so for many years to come.

I'm sure there are many who could comment about the "bad old days" in the 50's and 60's. But I cringe to see Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey held up as an example of marriage to our youth. So if you want, you can call me an old fogey in the won't hurt me, nor will it change my mind.

There have been a lot of obituaries in my life lately.....I won't recount the famous ones. But their have been personal ones: mostly the parents or relatives of my childhood friends: Billy King, Phyllis Kolb, Mary Elizabeth Kolb, Dorothy Watson. These were the people who ran car pools for our after school activities, were the inspiration for me to become a Physical Therapist, and one was an older cousin with children my age.

I live over 300 miles from the small town where I grew up, but I've been able to note these passings through online newspaper obituaries. It's a rather weird remote experience since I haven't seen these people in at least 30 I will always picture them at about the age I am now.

So there you have it. The ramblings of an old fogey, who is a slacker and hasn't said a thing about fiber this post.

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  1. Your'e not an old fogey - you're an idealist! I agree with you. But. Having idealized & identified with some marriages (my aunt & uncle, a couple who were close family friends) it devastated me when they divorced.

    Everyone needs to find their own path in a relationship. I'm in a good one now, but as a 2-time divorcee I'm scared to death to make it legal.


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