Thursday, March 31, 2005

Spring Palette and Fiber Update

Lunch at Priscilla's house this afternoon. I brought the fruit which made me think of the spring wardrobe colors this year, so here's a photo. Sorry the honedew isn't as green as what we've been seeing on people's backs this year, but you get the idea.

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I've been continuing to play with the remaining warp from the Big Twill workshop:

curve rotation threading; M & W treadling
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I really like the suggestion of little pine trees in this pattern, but they appear to be lying on their side. So I turned the draft on the weaving software and oriented the trees vertically:

rotated draft of the sample
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Can you see them? Wouldn't that make an interesting scarf in silk, tencel, or rayon?

On the knitting front: I've been working on these during tv watching. I only watch two shows: West Wing and the Las Vegas CSI. So perhaps the second heel will get turned tonight during CSI.

salsa socks
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Okay, I lied, there is one additional tv show we've been watching on Sunday nights. CBC TV in Windsor has been running a new Miss Marple series with Geraldine McEwan. If you are an Agatha Christie fan, these are okay. But if you are a knitter, these shows are a treasure trove. Each episode in the series has been a visual treat of beautifully designed and knit sweaters that harken back to the mid to late 1940's. It turns out that they will be shown on PBS in the US starting this Sunday, April 3 with Malice Aforethought.

I haven't been able to figure out who did the design work for these sweaters. It's a BBC production, so more than likely a Brit did the designing. If anyone who reads this blog knows, please let us know in the comments. Thanks!

And finally, the wardrobe sewing has continued. I just haven't felt like doing photos of garments. I'll get around to it one of these days.


  1. Pretty Stuff! Do you always knit both socks at the same time? It's a terrific way to knit them.

  2. I always knit two at the same time of anything that has to be alike: sleeves, socks, gloves, mittens, cardigan fronts.

    Otherwise, I would finish the first and never start the second. Or if I did start the second, I would forget that tricky little shaping trick I decided to use and the idea of a matched set would go out the window.

  3. I like those pine trees too. I looked up the structures you were describing, but I could only find undulating twills and M & O's. Do you have a reference for that twill, or was it part of the class handouts?

  4. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Valerie, Did you say you had just gotten a Mountain Table Top Loom? I'd like to know how you like it by now and what it doesn't do? If you wouldn't mind.

  5. Do you like doing toe-up as apposed to cuff down socks? I like the colors.
    Went biking at Hancock Md. today. Did 23 miles on the paved trail. 64 degrees, beautiful day. Now it's raining.

  6. The weaving is beautiful. I have a couple of coverlet books just because I'm fascinated by the patterning. I do NOT need another fiber hobby right now. I'll just enjoy yours.


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