Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Speed knitting...

Is it really that important? WSJ Online: Stitches in Time I give credit to the journalist. He's written a piece that: holds your interest, doesn't blatantly patronize knitters, and has a bit of humor to it. An improvement over the Boston Globe Sock Knitting Article. I still can't figure out why that journalist felt it necessary to put each person's age by their name in that article. Now if only we could get them to omit including facts like "celebrity knitters Julia Roberts and Cameraon Diaz". I'm sure both of these ladies use toilet paper too...so what.

Ahh..perhaps I'm just cranky. My hands are numb from spending the past two hours pushing the snow blower up and down our driveway after having about 8" of snow dumped on us last night. The whole time I was thinking that one month from today is April 1st and I sure hope we don't have another of these snow storms as an April Fool's prank. What irony to hear a robin singing when the blasted snow blower ran out of gas and fell silent!

I've been busy preparing the loom for this weekend's workshop. Perhaps a photo of the first treadling option will be coming to this blog soon. Meanwhile, I'm praying that Mother Nature gets this snow out of her system before I have to drive back and forth to Lansing 3 days in a row.

PS: The books mentioned in the post below arrived yesterday....on the day Amazon said they would be shipped.

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  1. Speed knitting...ugh. I've got to be one of the world's slowest knitters. I get distracted by the feel of the yarn going through my fingers, the way the fabric is progressing...it's definitely a contemplative process for me, not a competitive one. I think life is way too short for competition. Thanks for pointing out the article!


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