Thursday, March 24, 2005

So Where the Heck Have I Been?

Well, after Bonnie Inouye's workshop and a whirlwind of preparation, including picking up the "kid" (adult?) at college, we packed up and went here:

Plaza Resort Bonaire
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If you want to believe that's me in the picture...go ahead. Everyone's entitled to at least one illusion. (Ha!)

Bonaire is a scuba diving/snorkeling mecca with one of the best living reefs in the Western Hemisphere. The last we were there was 9 years ago and it's still wonderful divng and snorkeling but hurricanes Lenny and Ivan have taken their toll on the coral. However there's still plenty of these guys:

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The terminal life phase of the Stoplight Parrotfish continues to be one of my very favorite fish to swim with in the Carribean. Their coloration just takes my breath away. I wish to weave something that would communicate the colors and patterning they display.

We are home and recovering from the shock of leaving 87 degrees and sunny to return to 32 degrees and snowy (sigh). Need I say that there hasn't been much fiber activity these past couple weeks?

I have printed out some of the different treadling sequences to sample with my warp from Bonnie's workshop. Plans for today include cutting out some fabric for an Easter outfit. It turns out that the pale gold suede colth won't be too warm for Easter after all. Then I will spend some time at the loom weaving some more samples.

Uhm...the comments are almost nonexistent. Anyone out there want to encourage me a little?


  1. Welcome back! You look just like I imagined :-) I haven't seen an update on Bloglines until today. I'll admit - I'm a slacker and let Bloglines tell me when I need to check a blog.

    It looks like your class with Bonnie will keep you in the twills for years. I'd love to see the gold suede outfit. I think it's time for me to get back to sewing. I could use some spring/summer weight pants for school.

  2. Anonymous10:23 AM

    I think Charleen wrote her first paragraph for me - my sentiments exactly. I love the colors of the fish - if you weave it, I will appreciate it and be very awed.

  3. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Ooops, well, that was from me - I should learn to write my name: Cathy (catena ex):-)

  4. I would have recognized you anywhere! I'm so jealous ... Were you snorkelling, or skindiving?

  5. Bon Aire...very nice! And I know what you mean about trying to weave the colors of the fish. I feel the same way every time I drive through the Blue Ridge Mountains. The gradations in color would make a wonderful tapestry.


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