Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Easter!..

Some of you may enjoy reading Nothing beats a sheep in an overcoat in yesterday's issue of the San Francisco Chronicle, courtesy of Sue Reuser. She does have nice cormo. I know this from experience. (There's a link to her in the article.)

We are just home from church and brunch for the senior high youth, raising funds to go to workcamp this summer. For the past several years I was one of the mom's making sure that the kids had brunch-like casseroles to serve and plenty of coffee brewed. Today dh and I were able to take a plate and just visit with old friends.

I didn't get the Easter outfit finished, but it's close. Hope to have pictures up later this week...Monday or Tuesday, maybe.

Since it's gray and gloomy here and I'm trying to stay out of the marshmallow peeps and the dark chocolate Dove eggs (the Easter hubby knows my weaknesses)....I'll post a couple more pictures from the trip:

Iguana's after breakfast
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Every morning after breakfast, there was a herd (not an exaggeration!) of iguanas that would meet us outside the dining room to see if we had snitched any fruit for them. Once I caught on to this, they did indeed get a little fruit every morning. Those are grapes you see on the sidewalk. They reminded me of my mother-in-law's cats at the back door each morning. I sent her the picture...she didn't think so.

me kayaking
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This is the 'real' me kayaking among the mangroves. What a beautiful afternoon that was!! We had a guide (woman) from the Netherlands who spoke fluent English, with a Brooklyn accent. There were also two other young men along from the Netherlands, Jan and Eric. Although we saw some aquatic life, the birds were the main attraction on this outing. Alas, no bird photo' not coordinated enough to paddle, focus, and snap the shutter.

swimming with the angel fish
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Wendy asked if we were scuba diving or snorkeling. I don't scuba dive...asthma. Dh and ds are avid scuba divers. Dh has taught scuba classes since 1974. They dove in the mornings. I snorkeled right off the beach from our room every morning which is where these angel fish would hang out. Later in the day we all snorkeled and also on the sailing cruise we took on Friday.

walking in town
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We were close enough to walk into town a couple of afternoons. This is my husband and son walking along the city harbor.

sunset from balcony
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And this was the sunset from our balcony on our last evening there. sigh...

(btw: all of these photo's were taken with a Fujifilm disposable waterproof camera. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality.)

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  1. Thanks for the glimpse into your vacation. The pictures were great. About the candy, I say eat everything today - that way you won't have the temptation tomorrow!


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