Sunday, March 06, 2005

Big Twill Workshop

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Posted by Hello

These are the swatches from Bonnie Inouye's Big Twill Workshop that we just finished this afternoon. (Try to ignore the busy carpet in the background!)

It's been 3 days of driving back and forth to Lansing, weaving, taking lecture notes, and attempting to digest it all. This is a very dense workshop. It's not a retreat, that's for sure. But I wasn't looking for a weaving retreat, so that's good.

There were 19 with looms in the class. Am not sure you can see all of the swatches even with both photo's combined. I was able to get to 11 of the looms and weave samples and there's still plenty of warp to experiment with at home.

I learned much, both from the didactic material and in thinking about the design instruction from Ann Schumacher's workshop last spring.

Will post more later, including photo's of my swatches with some thoughts. Must go make dinner and make sure that there's clean underwear in the dressers to start the new week tomorrow.

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  1. Good Morning Valerie,
    Nice talking to you yesterday. welcome back.
    Happy Easter


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