Sunday, February 20, 2005

Season Kick-Off....

This week contained the 3rd Thursday of the month which meant Michigan Weaver's guild at noon, then knitting guild in the evening. In weaving guild Loretta Oliver took us through a felting exercise: creating a felt "vessel" over a 35mm film canister that you could take home and embellish. That was okay, but the really neat thing she had to display were some felted cup shaped flowers that would make great lapel flowers similar to those that are so popular right now. Wish we could have done those instead.

Then I learned that Bonnie Inouye is teaching a twill workshop for the Greater Lansing Area Weaver's Guild and there are opening in the class. So my check is in the mail to take this workshop: The Big Twill

Now the challenge will be to finish weaving off the warp that's on my workshop loom and getting a new warp on it for the workshop. I'm really excited about this.

There are a number of good fiber workshops in the area that weekend. Also several "names" in knitting are coming to the area this spring. Our knitting guild is hosting Edie Eickman in April. Beth Brown-Reinsel will be here while I am weaving twills. Sally Melville and Nancy Bush will also be in Southeast Michigan this spring. Hence the title for this blog entry.

Saturday was the Spinner's Flock sale at Beach Middle School in Chelsea. I have no need of additional fiber, but there were a couple of books I wanted to look at. Fortunately, I priced them both on Amazon before heading over there. Long story made short: I ended up saving about $9 by ordering from Amazon with free shipping. Here's what I ordered:

Lavish Lace
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Shadow Knitting
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While on Amazon, I searched for the new twined knitting book that was reviewed in something I read this past winter (or was that a dream?). That search came up blank, however I learned that my original copy of Twined Knitting is worth $99 (!?)

I mentioned the value of this, plus my copy of Principles of Knitting to hubby while we were out for dinner Saturday night. He suggested that I make a list and note the value of some of my OOP fiber books. I suspiciously replied, "Why, so you'll know which ones not to give away if I go first?" I didn't tell him what my Alice Starmore books would go for these days. only purchase at Spinner's Flock was an embroidery design book by Jean Messant.


  1. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Hi Valerie,
    I am taking a class from Marlynn Ible from Ohio at Kathy's in May. Vicky Miller bought that book last month while she was viseting her Mom in Arizona and brought it to knit-in and all the girls are interested in it. I ordered my own copy also. Enjoy!

  2. "Two-End Knitting"

    Amazon doesn't have any new copies (gasp! I know...) but Knit Picks does. (So does the Woolery)

    And, I have a copy of "Twined Knitting" too . . . who knew it would become so valuable?


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