Saturday, February 05, 2005

Foggy morning...

weeds in winter
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We've had icy fog every morning this week. I love fog and I love when ice crystals form on trees and grasses. Combine the two and: Wow!!

I took this photo of milkweed along our drive this morning. The neighbors were probably a bit spooked to see me outside their front window in the fog with tripod and camera at 8:00 AM on a Saturday.

Jeffrey Yamaguchi at 52 Projects has a great idea for an ongoing project for the year. His suggestion is to take a picture of yourself at the beginning of each month. An alternative suggestion is to take a photo of a favorite location every month (or week) over the year. If you pick an outdoor location, it's a great way to document seasonal changes and develop observational skills.

I don't think I'll pick the milkweed site. It might provoke the neighbors to get a restraining order against me. I'll have to scout around our lot and/or the local park for a spot worthy of documentation and observation.

On the fiber front: I did run a comparison of my Louet and Forsyth minicombs. Both are double pitch hand held combs, though the Forsyth combs do have a table clamp. I didn't pick up much discernable difference in the product from the two combs....both produce a reasonably good preparation for spinning. The difference is in the feel and the movements required to use the combs. I'm faster with the Louets and more fiddly with the Forsyth combs. I took photo's, but they weren't at all instructive. So, if you're looking for handheld combs my advice would be try them out and see which ones suit your body and movement best.

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