Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Color inspirations..

Valentine Flowers
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I think nature, and in particular, flowers are a great source for learning about color. That's the reason I'm sharing the Valentine bouquet with you. There's crimson red and fuschia with touches of gold, purple, and dark green....oh, yes, and sprinkles of white. What a great springboard for designing a warp, a dye project, or a fair isle colorway!

Start out by looking at the quantity of each of the colors in the arrangement. Often that's what makes a flower arrangement or a fabric colorway work. It's like cooking, you don't want as much salt (or cilantro, or chipotle peppers) as meat in a just want enough of the seasoning to enhance the character of the meat.

When you start looking and thinking that way....that weird bit of fuschia yarn that came to you through a friend's destashing takes on a whole new life.

mostly 2 ply shetland
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The photographed colors of this shetland are off a bit because of the incandesent lighting, but this box is like a box of crayons to me. I've spent time creating wrapped stripes on tagboard for knitting and weaving, but there haven't been many swatches yet. Much of it came from a friend's stash.

tatting thread collection
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This bag of tatting thread came free from an estate. I'm planning on using it to work through some exercises in the new book Rep Weave and Beyond. Again, the colors are skewed toward yellow because of the lighting and the plastic bag doesn't help much.

Most of current fiber time has been just an hour or so in the evening, knitting Fulmar and some occassional spinning of more cormo for the singles weaving project.

We just got a new computer and much time has been invested in setting up the new Dell, moving files from the old HP, installing printer drivers, etc. Of course, now that the new computer has arrived, the cd drive on the HP is working just fine. We spent a lot of time and money trying to get it straightened around before just deciding to replace the darned thing. grrrr!!

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    Hey, Val. I'm just catching up on your site is beautiful, lovely eye-popping pictures. I got a kick out of seeing Steven's gloves finished. I took the book quiz and I'm "Love in the Time of Cholera." I never read the book, so please clue me in! L, Mair


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