Wednesday, February 09, 2005

At least one thing completed:

My son's gloves are finished, so I can pack up his Valentine's box and send it off to Purdue.

Man's gloves
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I enjoy knitting gloves. They go faster than socks and it's fun to fiddle with the fingers. I prefer fiddly knitting over plain old stockinette (yawn!)

Even though my husband's vest and Fulmar remain to be finished, I think some socks are in order as a carry around project.

sock yarns
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These are my choices of sock yarn. The red skein (marked with a white *) is the one calling to me right now. It's a variegated, but not self-patterning yarn which reminds me of chili peppers...or perhaps red for Valentine's Day.

The MWG Newsletter came today. There's an exhibit coming up with the deadline for entry in April. I've never put anything into an exhibit and am pondering whether to make this a goal for this year. Subjecting oneself to public scrutiny is a big step.

weaving handspun singles
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This is a sample of some handspun cormo singles sampled on a small handheld loom. The quarter (a Wisconsin quarter...but not the one worth the big $$) is there to give a sense of scale.

This was woven with singles right from the bobbin, then wet finished. There's a little over a thousand yards on the bobbin. I'm thinking about weaving a scarf with perhaps a simple huck lace patterning. That means more yarn is needed for I've been combing more cormo locks w/ the minicombs and spinning another bobbin full on the Schacht.

Have any of you done this....warping a loom right off the spinning bobbin w/o finishing the yarn first? Am I crazy and headed for heartbreak, or just skipping a step that will yield different results? I know the answer is sample, sample, sample, but I'm loathe to "waste" anymore handspun on a sample larger than the one in the photo. other thought on this scarf was to dip dye the woven scarf from end to end, getting a blended color in the middle from the dye wicking up the fabric.

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  1. Hi Valerie
    I just looked at your blog for the first time today because I saw you were in the weavers ring too. I have warped with singles yarn that was straight off the bobbin and it works fine. I used to make scarves like that when I first started spinning and they are still nice after all these years. I don't sample either and rarely have a problem. Good luck, that is nice yarn and should be a wonderful scarf.


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